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Eli Hopkins Sculptures

Eli Hopkins Sculptures

Biography of Eli Hopkins -

The childhood of Eli Hopkins was one of adventure, imagination and struggle. While young, his creativity developed and his art career really began. Growing up throughout the southeastern United States, Eli had the chance to experience art first hand by watching and learning from his father, artist Mark Hopkins.

As a child, Eli loved to draw and from time to time tried his hand at sculpting. One of his first sculptures, still a prized possession, is the profile of an African elephant, which his father cast into resin material. The satisfaction of designing, creating and producing this piece was a blossom of Eli's sculpting career.

After being home-schooled for most of his childhood, Eli started high school entering 9th grade. While there, he further developed his artistic skills and creativity by cartooning for the high school newspaper and other local publications, as well as taking classes in architectural and mechanical drafting. He received national awards and much recognition during this time for his artistic abilities.

Throughout his youth and into adulthood, Eli, was surrounded by the creative process of sculpting and foundry casting. He worked long humid summer days at his father’s foundry and became familiar with the many facets of the world of bronze sculpture. As a young adult, he felt the desire to serve as a missionary for his church. While away for two years, his family relocated to Colorado where Eli eventually moved. It was in Colorado that he met his beautiful wife and started a family.

Eli never intended or desired to continue in the sculpture or foundry business. His attention had been directed elsewhere however, when his father needed a reliable assistance within his established art business, Eli accepted the opportunity. Ultimately, Eli’s position within the business quickly morphed as he took on the duties of marketing and business manager for Mark Hopkins Sculpture, Inc.  It wasn't long however before the creativity of his youth and the art in his blood began to reveal itself. Eli grew more and more eager to create his own sculpture.

While attending an art show in 2001 Eli viewed the works of many other artists and realized this was where his heart was. And thus it began - in 2002 Eli released his first bronze sculptures, a set of stylized horses which were well received and gave Eli much attention from collectors and galleries, as well as many art publications. Since that time, with his hard-earned knowledge and his father’s guidance, Eli has been able to move forward at a phenomenal rate in his sculpting and art career. His work is selling very successfully, and he has been rewarded with several corporate commissions, along with many articles and  recognition in prominent art publications and museums. Although he has concentrated mainly on wildlife themes thus far, Eli has a wide range of interests, which are reflected in an expanding line of varied and unique art works.

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