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Free Shipping On Orders Over $99 (Excluding Heavy Ship Agriculture Items) + FREE Shipping On ALL Classy Caps Outdoor Lighting Products & Indoor Plants!
Free Shipping On Orders Over $99 (Excluding Heavy Ship Agriculture Items) + FREE Shipping On ALL Classy Caps Outdoor Lighting Products & Indoor Plants!

The Care & Handling Of Your Fresh Magnolia Company Products


The Fresh Magnolia Designs are hand-made leaf by leaf from their family farm in Florida. The fresh wreaths, swags, mantelpieces and garlands begin their aging process once shipped. To prolong their freshness, keep away from sunlight, moisture and heat sources. All their products dry naturally once hung or displayed. Their magnolia wreaths bring a natural feel to the interiors and can become a permanent home accent piece. Some of the pieces we have hanging on our walls are over five years old and are still classic beauties. Avoid moving your fresh design once it is completely dry unless placing in the custom box provided for future use. The garlands are to be used for one season only and cannot be stored.

The Drying Sequence

  • In cold environments - single digits (fairenheight) – five to eight week drying cycle. No problems with freezing.
  • In cool environments (average of around 60 degrees F). Four to six week drying cycle.
  • In warm humid environments (average of around 78 degrees F). Two to three week drying cycle.
  • In warm dry conditions (indoor with the heater blasting) – Ten to fourteen day drying cycle. Because their products are made primarily from broad leaf evergreens the drying sequence is most notable in this setting.

The Dried Magnolia Products are created using their fresh magnolia stems harvested from magnolia groves. Their team of artisans then create the magnolia wreath base and place it in a refurbished tobacco dryer. These wreaths are carefully monitored and removed at the optimal color and accented with dried embellishments for a unique one of a kind magnolia wreath. If hung securely, your dried design will become a permanent home accent piece. When not on display we recommend storing your dried wreath (centerpiece) in the sturdy two piece box provided. Be sure to place in a temperature controlled room.

What happens in this drying stage?
The leaves are alive and are transpiring the water that is left in the stems. Once The Magnolia Company harvests the stems from their farm, they have cut off the leaves water supply, but they continue to use up the remaining amount of water until they dry out. Cooler conditions slow the leaves transpiration rates and this is why the drying sequence is prolonged. However, this is just part of the natural drying cycle that we must endure for the products to finish off into timeless, classic decorations for you to appreciate for many seasons to come.

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